Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are ready ... READY ... to MOVE IN !

" We are ready ... READY ... to move in ... uh huh ... I hear ya"!
We have our move in date and it is December 2, yes 2008. It has been a long time coming and we are all excited. We will be having the "Official Opening" of the Station December 9th.

Here is a picture of the "monopole" that was of huge concern to the neighbors and to the new developers, during the building process of the station. It is up and we are ready for business.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Our NEW Station"

Yes!  This is our new fire station!!  We have not moved in yet so I can't comment yet on how"roomy" it is inside compared to our current station.  You can see that John gives the new place a "Thumbs Up"!!  Keep posted to see when we move in!!

Vehicle Extrication Training 7-23-08

On July 23rd we had a vehicle extrication exercise at our training center.  We cut up a car.  With all the changes in vehicles , we were very fortunate to be able to train on a newer style car.   

Brush Drill Training at Lake Casitas 5-21-08

We had a chance to do some brush fire training up at Lake Casitas.  We hiked a few hills and pulled a bit of hose.  Here are a few pics from the drill.

                           This was our crew for the day:  John, Mo and Joe

Fire Shelter Drill at Station 53

This is what are fire shelters look like when they are deployed.  The ones here in the pictures are used for practice and are made out of a plastic material. The ones that we carry are similar to these yet are made of a fire resistant material.

We carry the shelters in a pack on our back that is also attached to a water pack for personal use.

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Hola Blanca"!

This is our friend Blanca.  She is our favorite checker at the Trancas Market (Hows).  John and I try to work on our Spanish while we are checking out.  Blanca helps us out. It's nice to see a happy face when we go shopping!  She's the Best!

A Little Too Fast!

This driver was lucky and was not seriously hurt.  On our way, one morning to cover station 53 in Port Hueneme, our "old station", we came across this overturned Big Rig on Hueneme Rd.  Engine 53 was there first on scene and we took over while they brought out the heavy duty tow truck to "right" the big rig.  It was something to watch the men work and set down the truck so gracefully.  Nice team work!